Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ZA Critique: Ico

I think it was Ben Abraham who pointed out during the Zarathustran thing that if I was going to write a new method of critiquing games, the most important part would be actually using it to write about games. Curse him.

It's time for the long haul to start. Picked Ico to begin with just cause, y'know, it's Ico. I'll try to break these up with more topical essays and humorous stuff but since video games take so damn long this is tough to keep up.


CrashTranslation said...

Urgh... Must finish Ico.

I know, I know, don't look at me like that. I've been... erm busy, yeah that's it...

So don't be surprised if I end up commenting on your article in a few months time when I actually get around to finish.

L.B. Jeffries said...

No worries, I'd expect nothing less. It takes about 5 hours or so to beat it. The game design that it used to build a relationship with Yorda is still peerless but the platforming aspects haven't aged too well.

I'm really excited about his upcoming game, but for now I'd say Shadow of the Colossus accomplishes the more impressive task of getting the player to bond with giant rock monsters.