Friday, October 17, 2008

Banana Pepper Martinis

I changed the blog name to its original form. I hope no one minds. The banner above was the crazed thing above my website for 3 years before I got sick of writing HTML and paying for bandwidth and switched back to blogger. I'm not going to republish that stuff because most of it doesn't involve video games but...lets face it, when you're posting a rant about giving a tarot card reading you've crossed a threshold. Popmatters will always be about video games, but a personal blog descends into its own personal melodrama. It's not quite the one-man vaudeville show I used to run, but nothing is these days. If anyone knows how to get rid of that green thing and make the insane old banner the standard one, I'm all ears.

Oh, and in case you're crazy enough to try it, the drink is not half bad provided you use good booze and have a healthy desire to break the ice by talking about it. I've also been told its the most awful thing on Earth but I consider that a good thing.


David Sahlin said...

You'll have to play around with the CSS in Blogger's layout, but try just replacing "" with the url to your crazy amalgamation.

L.B. Jeffries said...

Can't make heads or tail of it because of all the auto options...maybe I'll keep it all screwy. Adds to the rugged aesthetic or something.

Ben Abraham said...

Re: Rugged Aesthetic - Yeah that's the spirit!