Tuesday, April 8, 2008

An Outline of the Next 10 Weeks

Zarathustran Analytics

I. Introduction to Game Identity

II. Game Design Values

III. Ethics in Forced Player Action in Story Telling

IV. Player Input and the Actor/Audience Hybrid

V. Four Forms of Game Experience

VI. Exceptions to the Four Forms

VII. Philosophies of Game Purpose

VIII. Application

IX. What Proper Criticism Is Not

X. What Proper Criticism Is

Every Tuesday, the next one goes up. I'm always appreciative of any suggestions here or over at Popmatters. A great deal of this is already written though, so I'm at the tweaking stages for a lot of it.

Zarathustran Analytics in Video Games, Part 1: Finding Identity

I figure if you're going to be pretentious enough to invent a critical method & language for video games, you might as well name it after Nietzsche.