Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Immortal Defense

The best video game plot since Planescape. I'm serious.


David Sahlin said...

A game that makes me ask myself, "Why am I doing this?"

Wait, I asked that after a week of WoW!

Nyuck nyuck nyuck.

Anyway, I hope to try this out sometime soon - I'm not a fan of Tower Defense games, but I am a fan of Good Plots. Thanks for the heads up!

L.B. Jeffries said...

Ah grinding, just when I'm about to dismiss the whole thing I catch myself leveling up just to make sure I'm always on top.

It's a pretty impressive tower defense game on its own. Very addictive and fun when you need to kill a couple of minutes. You can try the demo for free and it lets you play the first two campaigns. The plot's really something when you get to the end.