Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Made This. You Play This. We Are Enemies.

This is the second Jason Nelson game I've written on and I think it was a bit sharper than his last one. I always try to warn people that this is first and foremost a piece of abstract something, the game part is meant to be secondary. When we were putting together that write-up a while ago, he explained that the point was to get people to engage with his art in a new way. So it's a couple of basic platforming concepts that are analogous to the websites that are being spoofed.

The interesting thing about the reaction online was the natural impulse to puzzle the whole thing out. Which, in Nelson's case, I'm not sure is going to work out. I'm not saying there isn't a meaning to the poetry and art, I'm saying there isn't a particular final one or anything I'd call a solution. This all turned into a little rambling about how indie games aren't afraid to do something as bold as just chucking confusion at the player, and learning to enjoy that.

Hell, I dunno. I just love that games like this exist to continually push people's preconceptions about what a game can do.

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