Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Movies That Wish They Were Video Games

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't mostly just excited about my TIE Fighter piece.

I think Steve Gaynor was the first person I read distinguishing the strengths of games and what they can do better than a movie. The point got the wheels turning and it finally clicked when I apathetically watched the first Transformers movie. I was drinking beer, sick of playing Xbox Live, and it was on cable. I watched it just to see why everyone bitched about it so much. At the end, I decided it was just like watching someone play a video game.

I reference a more interesting conversation from years ago I had about the Matrix sequel with a friend, but the point is the same. Video games can now depict giant, insane battle sequences where the player is mostly in control. Passively watching such a thing, for me personally, just seems dull.

Hell, even a QTE is better than nothing.

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