Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Making a Better Spectator Game

I swear I wrote this post before AHoG, although I ended up going in a pretty different direction from Lowood's lecture on whether or not playing a game is poetic in the sense an athlete is poetic.

This was inspired, in part, by a notion Jim Rossignol brought up in his book but I thought warranted a closer look. Most e-tournaments are dull. I don't mean like they aren't interesting or that complex things aren't going on, just that it's not particularly exciting. So I got to thinking about why I watch real sports when essentially I'm just as apaethetic to them as I am an e-sports event. Gambling, booze, social conventions...I gloss over it all while trying to point out that variety is also a huge factor. I'm pretty sure if they just modified Fantasy Football to cover an e-tournament they'd probably have their ratings sky rocket.

Is there anything gambling doesn't improve?


Simon said...

Aw, dude, PopMatters didn't post my April Fools troll comment on your post. Bummmmmer!

L.B. Jeffries said...

A part of me really wants to read it and another part of me knows better...