Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Playing at Video Game Analyst

Translating my sense of humor to the internet has always been an iffy proposition. I don't really like to mock things directly, radically taking things out of context or steering the conversation into the bizarre is my preference. Dead pan stuff, making people uncomfortable, the joy of the unexpected and seeing the reaction. Unfortunately on the internet all you get is the digital response, which isn't really as good and always leaves me feeling a bit hollow. I tried for a long time but it just wasn't very fun for me.

Ergo, writing like there is a stick shoved up my ass and just bluntly going through the stuff I dug up on a topic. I don't quite remember how my blogging style evolved into this but that's the formula now. Get curious about something, google everything I can find, compile it into a short essay, rinse, repeat.

This week's post, which will be the last for 2009, details me being curious about how accurate my predictions for 2009 gaming trends were. I did okay, but that wasn't terribly difficult because they were so broad and obvious. Which ended up highlighting a larger point about the profession of video game analysts and how the whole process of predicting things isn't all that hard.

I'm also scared someone is going to take the damn thing seriously.

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