Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pauline Kael Finale

Most of you will have read the four essays that I compiled into a nice, fit essay for Popmatters. The language was cleaned up and the main points refined. Popmatters has a very diverse audience who would have otherwise never seen it or realized they can relate a great deal to what's going on in our own medium.

Let's give her one more dance.

On another note, I had a bit of a temper tantrum on twitter when major news sites seemed reluctant to tear into the journalists and politicians blaming the tragedy in Germany on video games. I appreciate the consequences of seeming rude in the wake of such a terrible event, but are the vote-grubbing politicians and click starving newspapers any better? Normally the major sites are rockstars about tackling these ludicrous claims but it was weirdly quiet on this one.

It isn't about getting FOX news to apologize for being liars or the Times for not checking their facts. Craig Anderson will continue to publish sloppy, unorthodox, and politically motivated psychological studies. Jack Thompson will continue to write laws that either don't do anything or that violate the first amendment.

This is about reminding us, the gamers, that we're not taking this sitting down.

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