Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Games & Film: The Wizard

I was trying to figure out an article that I could write that would be both interesting, easier on my free time, and maybe even fun for people to read. I love giant theory pieces as much as the ne-, probably more than I should, so I wanted to think up a new series that would do as good a job at attracting people as the ZA series has. But as exams ratchet up the pressure and my summer job looks like it's going to suck up most of my time soon, I've got to find ways to produce something that's less research heavy.

And then a delightful notion occurred to me. A dark, cruel and twisted notion. What is the one thing most gamers don't like that has to do with video games? Their movie adaptations! And these days there seems to be buckets of them.

Essays would mostly still be on stuff out on DVD, more specifically Netflix, and would focus where the movie and game diverge. For this first one, which is an experiment to gauge how much people like this idea, I opted for something slightly different. Just to give you a feel for the tone, I did The Wizard for this experimental one.

Did I mention there would be snark?

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