Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gaming Trends for 2009

Alright, alright. Breaks over, back to work. Every Tuesday a new BPM goes up, I'll try to get something extra in on Thursdays when I can.

I enjoy plotting and studying trends like I do picking just the right moment to jump in a platformer. You've got to be in the right spot and you've got to do it at just the right time. It's also winter (or what passes for winter in SC, I was sun bathing yesterday) which is when I usually do most of my planning for the upcoming year. This is the basic gist of what I'm seeing right now, but obviously there's a huge margin of error in this kind of thinking.

So it's always best to think broadly when you first start.

Classes start next week and I've organized my courses for next semester to be the hardest ones I will ever take. There's not really a way around this, next year I have to start prepping for the BAR and god forbid, actually have a job. Lawyers, by their very nature, are always assuming the s*** has hit the fan and another turd is coming any moment. In this kind of economic climate most are cutting employees that aren't absolutely necessary. At the top of that list is "Law Students to do all my Research." I think I might apply to another video game developer just to savor a little variety in the rejection letter.

Gah, enough bitching. 2008 was a good year and I have a good, albeit odd, feeling for 2009. Hell has frozen over and I now own a used Xbox360. I've got a gamertag but I'm not sure how much I'm going to use it. Halo 3 is more fun split-screen, which I discovered during one awful play session on Valhalla. Working on Half-life 2 for a ZA along with Kane & Lynch. Got a long list of articles I want to write and the general never-ending pile of games I need to play. The Samuel Johnson reading is going well but I think I'll only get an essay or two out of him. Kael and Bangs were a bounty of thinking that could relate back to our own cultural plight, Johnson is stuck dealing with a culture who thinks poetry should only delight or instruct. He has his moments though.

Once I'm in the library I'll be reading 24/7 and will wander around the blogs to take a break. Looking forward to seeing what's out there.


Ben Abraham said...

"Gah, enough bitching."


L.B. Jeffries said...

I'm only allowed a certain number of bitching calories a month or else I get all bloaty and cramped.