Friday, September 30, 2011

What Can Games Teach Us About Law?

I had the good fortune to get a column published over at Kill Screen. It's a relatively new webzine that is exploring the range of topics for games. I always manage to find a new angle that surprises me there.

The column is about the inherent knowledge gamers develop about systems and how this approach applies out into the real world. A lot of these ideas are in the gamificaiton series, but I tackled some relevant issues instead of getting bogged down into theory.

Here's hoping the gaming generation keeps getting bigger.


Diggidy said...


As a fellow gamer/attorney, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your article on Kill Screen. It led me to discover your blog, and I had never considered analogizing the complications of law to those of games. Very interesting stuff.

You sir, have a new fan.

Dan Williams
Portland, OR

Kirk Battle (L.B. Jeffries) said...

Thanks a ton Dan! I'll keep chugging away at it when I have the time. It comes and goes in the law business.

Whistler said...

I also enjoyed your KS post! I need to play Strange Journey sometime.