Monday, May 17, 2010

Extended Hiatus

I'm afraid this blog is going on hiatus for a bit. The BAR is coming and I'm going to focus on it. I've built up a huge bank of posts so I don't think I'll be stopping the weekly updates. I've also decided to start putting the ideas and energy I apply to the intros into revising the actual posts since this thing doesn't get much traffic. Normally I'd just delete it but the dream essays still get a lot of traffic along with some of my law papers.

I never was any good at this reader relationship crap anyways. I'm not great with people on the web and the pleasant things about my personality don't really translate. Well, if you consider sarcasm and deadpan Southern humor pleasant that is. I think I originally conceived this thing as a casual explanation of what my post was about or where I got the ideas for it from, but I'm not really sure how that's relevant anymore. You can just, y'know, read the post.

I'll keep the updates coming though, Tuesdays on Popmatters like always.

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Bemused said...

good luck with the bar, man.