Thursday, April 22, 2010

Make the Next BPM Banner, Win Money

As long as we're all jabbering about money and art...well the last one anyways, I think it's time to change the BPM banner. Same rules as last time about what I want the banner to be. Lots of chopped images with a nice background and the cropped image of the woman holding the mask must be in it. That specific image can be found here. I'm open to putting her in a new position but I'm going to admit being partial to that setup above. Please put 'Banana Pepper Martinis' in there somewhere.

When you've got something together put it in the comments. Make sure your e-mail is in the comment as well. I'll be posting this post a second time in 2 weeks for a final call, then picking one. I'll probably want to tweak a few things, but once that's done it goes up.

Winner gets 20 bucks on the game service of their choice. The way I did this last time was to just go buy one of those point cards and then e-mail the code. I think that means this will only work out for folks in America, but I can always gift something on STEAM. Thanks for all your support!


Ben Abraham said...

Woah, spammers seem to want that $20! If I get some time I'll make an entry, if only because I love the cut-up visual aesthetic.s

L.B. Jeffries said...

Man, I've woken up to some disappointing comment feeds in my time, but holy shit 3 spammers at once?

David Taylor said...

Here's a slightly revised version of attempt from last time: