Friday, October 30, 2009

Our House Party!

Been a long week and all signs indicate the next week is going to be worse, so I forgot this went up the other day.

The notion of a video game being a commercial is one of those things that you'd expect to see more of. Product placement in MGS4 or that creepy Burger King game aren't really the most effective examples because it's just a content job. I mean more on the scale of 1980's commercials where you watched GI Joe or The Smurfs and then the toy commercials broke things up. For a game, a product that you use heavily in the game would have a counter-part in reality that you could buy. Avatar clothing, cars, watches, etc.

That's mostly just me babbling though. Our House Party! is a Home Depot commercial that has you visit the store for stuff you don't really need in the game. While I'm not fond of someone selling me something while I play, it's hard to not notice they aren't really doing it right here.

It's otherwise a mediocre board game / mini-game collection.

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