Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moving Pixels

I've been really happy with the new faces appearing at Moving Pixels lately and I just wanted to mention them for anyone who hasn't checked around the blog.

My current editor, G. Christopher Williams, plans to start alternating the monthly column with me and has just put up a discussion on creating a sense of roleplay in games. Nick Dinicola seems to have taken up residence on the Friday slot and has delivered four interesting posts so far. The necessity of having the romantic interest be the secondary character in Gears of War 2 is my personal favorite but more is to come.

The thing I have always enjoyed about Popmatters is that they do not expect the video game writers to go into some dark corner of the website while other mediums like films or books are given more respect. A column about an indie band gets the same treatment as one about an old video game. Same with features and blogs. This can be seen throughout the writers and critics there and it shines through whenever a writer discusses their favorite topic. They don't just have to persuade a like-minded person, they have to deal with every kind of fan and pop culture aficionado.

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Ben Abraham said...

Now if only they could start paying you guys... ;-)