Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Delays, Delays, Delays

One of the nicest things about writing for Popmatters is that my editor will let me get away with just about anything. Within reason, mind you, and it still needs to be insightful. But there isn't another magazine on the web I know that publishes essays about the political commentary of Godzilla films or today's essay on the similarities between the console war & the democratic primary bids. Hillary is the PS3, in case anyone wondered. It's nuts, it's a grand experiment, and it puts the free back into free lance.

That said, there are a shit load of people with great interviews & essays about pop culture out there. I've got 3 pieces on video games that I'm all really proud of waiting in the cue, along with I dunno how many game reviews. But I've got to wait my turn and fair is fair. So sorry if this doesn't get updated with links often, that's the price you pay for creative freedom.

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