Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jim Rossignol's 'This Gaming Life'

The weekly post is a closer look at Jim Rossignol's newest book This Gaming Life. He makes the argument that the future of video games lies in multiplayer. While single-player games are starting to run into a brick wall in terms of possibilities, in multiplayer the possibilities are just being realized thanks to the internet. You've got the fascinating spectator culture of South Korea, the intensive global community of EVE Online, or just the FPS culture that dominates the West. The book is a closer look at all three along with some random facts and figures.

It was a nice shift from the academic stuff I'd been slogging through and reminded me that not everything has to be that particular brand of stuffy prose. It's not really about theory but rather just culture, so from that perspective it might disappoint someone looking for that type of text.

The South Korea section was what really made it worth reading in my mind.

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