Monday, November 9, 2009

A Little Help

This is a bit unprofessional for a blog and if the title didn't tip you off, I'm about to ask anyone reading for a favor. Next semester I'm only taking three classes and I need to do more actual work in the legal field. Copyrights, licensing, trademarks and IP law in general is the area I'm interested in. The problem is that I don't really live in a good town for it. I did an externship with the R&D department of the largest science institute in my state but I lack the science background for them to justify hiring me. I'm also more interested in work going on through download portals and other internet services.

It's not a problem if the website or business can't pay me. So long as the business or person is willing to actually put me to work a reasonable amount (passing the BAR takes top priority) then I don't mind. I need work experience. Any work I could do would have to be over the internet, but checking contracts and fact-checking claims are all things I can easily do from here. I cannot perform unlicensed legal work but so long as there is a lawyer supervising or at least some kind of structured system in place it won't be a problem. If you know anyone and have even the slightest inclination to put in the good word, please drop me a line about who might be interested.

I know this is a bit awkward. I'm looking at a pile of rejection letters from what was already a small field in this city and have basically been cold e-mailing every online service and website I can think of. I figured I might as well put my personal blog to work as well. I don't have much time left in school and I really don't want to fall on my face when I graduate. Thank you for any help.


Erik said...

Knowing how many folks I know who've recently been in your shoes (even in my significantly larger market), I'm familiar with your position. I don't have anything for you now, but I'll certainly keep my ears open.

L.B. Jeffries said...

Thanks man. It's a long shot but I just got to a point where I had to try this, y'know? I'll take what I can get once July comes and I've finished the BAR.