Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2009 GDX

I went down to SCAD and GDX for a lot of reasons last week. Needed a change of scenery, saw some people I wanted to meet, but I also found myself sorely in need of a reality check. Between work and most people I know in RL not playing many video games, it’s easy to enter into murky mental territory. Samuel Johnson’s joke about the weatherman thinking he’s controlling the weather often comes to mind because reality checks can be few and far between with this hobby. Perspective is an easy thing to lose.

There’s an easy little test to know when this is happening. Ask yourself what you think would happen if everyone started to think like you do. Do you think that a) chaos and destruction would consume the Earth, b) a new era of peace and love would descend on humanity, or c) we’d revert back to tribalism?

If you ever even remotely consider b) as an answer, you’ve lost your mind.

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