Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ZA Critique: Psychonauts

Well, it's Psychonauts. We all knew this day was coming and since it's turning into Jung Month for me it seems appropriate to talk about his role in the game. Found a podcast where Schafer himself talks about how most of the game's ideas came from a psychology class and applied some loose dream symbolism to the game's structure. Also went into the one hiccup in the entire game and how it came about.

Definitely at least play it up to the Milkman level.

On another note, all this chatter about Rapelay inspired me to remind everyone that we do occasionally do fun and kinky stuff with sex & games.

And finally, having watched the Watchmen, the movie was utter shit. The only decent parts of the film were because even Snyder couldn't ruin the brilliance of the source material. It was otherwise a giant glorification of violence and corny happy endings. Not everything needs to be made into a movie.


Michael Miller said...

"Although over time my husband will lose desire for me sexually, he will always love my pies. "

Sadly, I was one of the ones put off by the circus level and never got to finish the game. I think you motivated me enough to give it another go - thanks!

L.B. Jeffries said...

Ahahaha, that is seriously one of the best video game levels I have ever played. "I am the Milk Man. My milk is delicious and nutritious. It has what people want. It has...what they deserve."

The circus is definitely a brick wall compared to the rest of the game. Good ending though.

Anonymous said...

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