Sunday, December 21, 2008

Brainy Gamer Confab

Michael Abbott was really kind and let me in on his 2008 roundup of our favorite games this year. I weighed in on Immortal Defense and tried to give it more love. Seriously, play this game.

As a follow-up to the comment I made about screwing the links up, my editor after the convo promptly fixed all the errors I'd made.

Now, as I look at the website and see all the awards the game has won, I see one of them was 2007 Strategy Game of the Year. Man...does it count if I didn't hear about it or play it until 2 months into 2008?


Michael Abbott said...

That's it. I'm deleting your segment of the podcast. One rule: GAMES RELEASED IN '08. Was that so hard? Had to be a contrarian, didn't ya?


BTW, I now have Immortal Defense on my laptop, ready for action. Thanks again for doing the show.

Paul Eres said...

Well, it was only game tunnel's strategy game of the year, and they tend to review unknown indie games anyway -- take a look at their other winners and you probably haven't heard of them either.

I'll listen to the podcast eventually, thanks for mentioning it!

Paul said...

I have to agree with Paul (no, not myself, but the man above me), pc indie games can be like visiting a wasteland of shoulda beens, so finding out months later is acceptable.

Since you enjoy tower defense games, have you happened to check out Defense Grid: The Awakening? It's on Steam and I keep hearing wonderful things about it, but I have a hard time paying $20 for a tower defense game. Regardless, thought it might interest you.

Paul Eres said...

I've heard of it, I actually reviewed Defense Grid for, and I'm in the top 100 in the high score list in most of its levels, but you probably weren't asking if I heard of it :D

It's a pretty good game, but its story was a bit sparse, I would have liked to have seen more details and perhaps some more characters. The levels were also a bit too easy. But it's fun and addicting, I wouldn't have played it so much if it weren't.